How to save money when planning your next trip online?

We all want our holidays to be unforgettable but not in the bank card statement. And that’s why web searches like “online travel deals” are increasingly popular.

We asked expert travelers, agencies and specialized guides and made this summary so you can save on your next adventure, either alone or with others.

Book in advance to your destination

Book in advance to your destination

While adventurers benefit from last-minute deals, if you already know what you want, then make reservations online as long as possible.

That will guarantee you a fair price because as sites with high demand begin to sell, scarce availability and prices are inflated accordingly.

Travel out of season

If you are not worried about the weather, the prices are more favorable in the low occupancy seasons. When most people take vacations, destinations increase their prices and in contrast decrease when there are fewer tourists.

If your possibilities allow you to go against trends, you will surely find better opportunities.

Analyze the packages

Check the reviews

Not always the “All Inclusive” give the best price. Analyze the costs separately and you are likely to get a surprise. If you buy separate flights, lodging and food you will find more flexibility and maybe save some quetzales.


Sites like Payak, Wiseline, or Expodia offer valuable information to compare prices from travel providers. Each one specializes in different destinations, so be sure to consult them all before making a final decision.

Refine your search

Travel out of season

Not only on flights, you can also go to sites like Trivago or Agoda to find the best price for a room.

Do not be overwhelmed with all the online hotel options, these sites can reduce your searches to the budget, type, level of satisfaction or stars.

Check the reviews

Although a good price cannot be neglected, it also reviews the reviews or opinions that other users have about that provider. That is an increasingly common decision factor among new customers of a product or service.

Find another airport


If a less popular airport is near your destination, do not hesitate to use it, as prices can be up to 50 percent cheaper if the air port is not the most visited.

This is done by airlines by the law of supply and demand, so you can complete your road trip and save some quetzals.

If you left it last minute, go to these sites

Sites like Flagdeals and Vacationwesell are good options if you find yourself a couple of weeks before your departure date and look for flights online according to your taste and budget, but do it soon because the offers do not last long.

Also, if you need to shop for your trip at a low price, we invite you to read our article on how to shop online at Amazon from Guatemala and, dare to buy anything from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks!